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Vision & Mission

Our Vision

1. To foster the intellectual, social, physical, spiritual and aesthetic development of the students in order to enhance their quality of life for it is here that every child excels. 2. To prepare students for active and independent learning in a positive environment. 3. To help children in decision making. 4. To maintain co-operation. 5. To respect all religion and beliefs. 6. To encourage students to extend beyond the four walls of the classrooms as we nurture talent to innovate tomorrow.

Our Mission

The mission of LDM is to provide quality education to each and every student. We wish to give a spark of success to the students which they can set on fire in their life to come.

Our Focus

1. Students centered learning experience. 2. Students imbibed with traits of independence and confidence. 3. Good Student - Teacher relationship. 4. Good co-ordination between parent-teacher and students. 5. Well equipped classrooms with latest facilities. 6. Multitude of activities. 7. Commitment to serve community and save environment. 8. Mission to create responsible citizen of tomorrow.