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From The Principal's Desk
Mr. Prem Prakash Sharma Principal

Schools are like temple which help enlighten the mind and behavior of students. And, teachers are the artisans who shape children under their guidance, for. And that' you expect us to carry our our task with prime full responsibility. Therefore, we are committed and endeavourers for overall development of your children. But its's possible by your full support and cooperation. Our vision is to welcome our young toddlers to bloom and blossom in our "LDM" institute. The School aims at imparting value education to children and provide opportunities to each child to progress according to his/her ability, aptitude and interest. It also aims to provide quality education through variety of curricular and co-curricular activities because it believes that each child has the capacity and aptitude to excel in atleast one curricular or co-curricular area. To stabilize their knowledge and talents at all levels and get equipped to enter the higher level of education in our institute. We pray to God, almighty give us sufficient strength and empower us to complete our tasks and fulfill our promises.

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