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Save Water DayMay 06, 2017

Students of pre-primary section were informed about how to "Save Water" and use it judiciously to deal with the problem of water scarcity.


Bindi PastingMay 06, 2017

In Art / Craft the students of pre - primary section were taught "Bindi Parting" in the given picture.


Joker MakingMay 06, 2017

Students enthusiastically participated in "Joker Making" where they presented the joker with different colours.


Star ColouringMay 06, 2017

Students enjoyed using different colours in "Star Coloring" where they were informed about each colours.


Watermelon DayMay 05, 2017

Watermelon day was celebrated where the students were guided with table mannerism and good etiquette.

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